25 Ways To Give Back

  1. Host a FREE Camp or Clinic during the offseason to benefit the youth in your hometown or team city.

  2. Host an annual Back to School giveaway and provide children backpacks filled with school supplies. Donate school supplies to a school in need. Host a Back to School event and have fans drop off school supplies to support a Back to School Drive in your team city or hometown.

  3. Volunteer your time during the offseason to visit your former elementary, middle or high school for a day.  Athletes for Charity can help you coordinate serving as “Principal for a Day.”

  4. Donate brand new reading books to your former elementary, middle or high school or an underperforming school in your team city.  Help promote Youth Literacy and encourage underperforming youth to read more and strive to excel academically.  You can team up with Athletes for Charity to host a Virtual Book Drive to help raise funds to purchase books for kids. #BooksForKids

  5. Sponsor a local mentoring program, after-school tutoring program or literacy initiative at your former elementary, middle or high school.  They are often underfunded.

  6. Schedule to visit a foster care agency or group home to bring some cheer to abused and neglected children and donate needed supplies i.e. clothing and toys.  Adopt a foster care group home for the holidays.

  7. Support an Anti-Bullying or Anti-Gang Campaign in local schools.

  8. Spend your off season serving as a coach to a little league, Pop Warner, high school or college team.  This is a great way to keep up with your daily workout regiments as well.  You can also serve as a mentor.

  9. Donate equipment to your high school or university team. Donate necessary equipment/uniforms to athletes at your former school who can’t afford their own. Sponsor a local youth team making sure that all the players are outfitted with cleats and proper protective gear.

  10. Partner with Athletes for Charity for a Bible Giveaway.  You purchase premium quality study application Bibles and give them away via your social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  You can host daily or weekly trivia questions to select winners to receive a bible.

  11. Host a Turkey Giveaway for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Eid, Hanukah, etc.

  12. Host a Holiday Toy Drive to benefit poor children whose families are economically disadvantaged. Donate toys to a church, homeless shelter, foster care agency, etc.

  13. Host a literacy day at your hometown library, spend 1-2 hours reading to the children and encourage parents to sign up for library cards.

  14. Team up with your former high school and offer a scholarship to a graduating student or student athlete heading off to college.

  15. Sponsor a College Tour to expose the youth of your community to a College Campus and encourage them to work hard in school and pursue higher education to increase their earning potential.

  16. Visit a local Nursing Home for the holidays and adopt a Grandma or Grandpa for the day.  Many of the elderly placed at nursing homes do not receive many visitors and some of them are also sports fans who would welcome an opportunity to play Bingo with you.

  17. Spend your off day feeding the homeless at a Soup Kitchen. Donate brand new clothes, underwear and hygiene products to a local homeless shelter.

  18. Visit a pediatric cancer center and sign autographs for the kids and their families.

  19. Sponsor a drawing or essay contest at a school to win cool prizes while also helping to promote the importance of academic excellence.

  20. Agree to volunteer as a Spokesperson for your favorite cause i.e. volunteer to host annual dinner to help American Heart Association fundraise and raise awareness about heart disease or team up to help fight for a cure for cancer, lupus, etc.

  21. Donate to your church and/or favorite charity annually to help them continue their programs to benefit others.  You can specify that you want your tithes to benefit the needy of the church and have them set up a fund to help church members. You have the right to do so.

  22. Serve as a team captain for a Special Olympics team.

  23. During the season, donate tickets to enable underprivileged youth (with an accompanying adult chaperon) to attend one of your games.  You can host an essay or drawing contest at a local school for a chance to win tickets to a game, autographed items and a gift card to help cover the cost of meals and parking.

  24. Volunteer for your Team’s Community Relations Department.

  25. Team up with Athletes for Charity and let us help you devise a Give Back Plan to benefit your community.  Follow us on Twitter at @A4C_Athletes, Facebook at www.facebook.com, Instagram at @athletesforcharity or email us at info@athletesforcharity.com