Helping Athletes
Give Back

Athletes for Charity is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve as a charitable initiative dedicated towards encouraging the giving of time, financial resources, and information to improve the collective lives of disadvantaged youth, advance the common good, and support the various nonprofit sectors that benefit the underprivileged.

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Helping athletes give back

Football Camps

Planning football camps in your hometown, including events, giveaways, and sponsors.

Book Distributions

Coordinating events to distribute educational books to your local school.

STEM Education

Igniting the passion for science, technology, engineering, and math subjects.

Field Trips

Organizing trips for students to museums, activity centers, sporting events, and more!

Our Work


Youth Development & Education

Creating educational, mentoring or after school programs in their hometown or team cities. Projects include book distributions to schools, serving as Principal for a Day, sponsoring field trips for schools, etc.

Football Camps

Coordinating Football Camps, applying for the NFL camp grants on their behalf and soliciting local business and corporate sponsorships on their behalf to ensure a high level camp with free food, t-shirts and giveaways for all campers.

Other Projects

We offer philanthropic consulting on starting a foundation; tax exemptions; fundraising; community linkages; public relations and media training; special event planning; holiday giveaways; and scheduling of meet and greets.

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If you are inspired by our mission and want to be part of the change, we welcome you to get in touch. Connect with us to explore opportunities for collaboration, learn more about our initiatives, or find out how you can contribute to building a brighter future.